Live in Gibson Amphitheater, #NDNight3

on November 28, 2012 at ,

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The audio quality is INCREDIBLE! A Must for all No Doubt fans! Don’t forget to right click and select the option “save as” to download the files!

Set List

Disc 1
1 Push and Shove
2 It’s My Life
3 Hella Good
4 Underneath It All
5 Ex-Girlfriend
6 Hey Baby
7 New

Acoustic set
8 Hey You
9 Sparkle
10 Simple Kind of Life
11 One More Summer

Disc 2
1 Sunday Morning
2 End It On This
3 Settle Down
4 Don’t Speak
5 Just A Girl

6 Looking Hot
7 Total Hate
8 Spiderwebs

ARTWORK (click to enlarge)

Credit goes to the recorder JB. DO NOT convert this to lossless format (like mp3), DO NOT sell this recording. Here is the release log. Please respect it:

No Doubt 
Gibson Amphitheartre 
Los Angeles, CA 
November 28,2012 

Not currently on a real tour, but starting November 24,2012, No Doubt played seven shows at the Gibson Amphitheartre in LA (technically – Universal City). A show every other day. This is the third. Good show. Good recording. At the show I felt like the mix was way too bassy – all bass drum. I rolled some bass off and the recording it sounds much better than being there. Lots of stuff from the new record and a nice full band acoustic set in the middle of the show. Samples below. 

If you burn to CD, follow the breaks below. Show will play seamless if you don’t. 

Sonic Studios mic>Edirol R-09HR>ProTools (for eq, level adjustment, compression, and song separation)>flac. 

Taped and mastered by JB. Please don’t sell. Please DO NOT convert to lossy format and upload anywhere. If you upload this show on another site, include all the text info above, especially the NO LOSSY part, but please do not upload this to any site that has anything to do with Lossy formats.